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Policies & Practices
Refunds, Exchanges & Cancellations

-Full refunds

A full refund of purchased services can be granted in either of the following scenarios:

1. If service(s) is not delivered according to expressed standards.

2. If service(s) is not delivered within agreed upon time frames.


Exchanges are offered if there is a valid misunderstanding between the customer and merchant regarding the nature or delivery of a service. Exchanges may also be offered in the event that their is a change in the Site Source Inc. Product line that could influence a pre-established order.


Cancellation for services with recurring charges will result in termination of the services and discontinuation of any future charges.

Recurring payments:

for products with recurring payments, notice of cancellation must be given at least 10 days in advance of the next scheduled charge date. Failure to do so may result in one additional charge after the cancellation request.

Maintenance/ Webmaster services
Sample and starter sites

Refunds on sample sites are only available in the event that the site is not delivered according to established time frames. Adjustments to completed sites are available upon request, but usually not full refunds, as these funds were provided for the work already done.

(Basic, Premium, and custom)

Refunds for maintenance and webmaster services are available if the client does not receive the expressed services agreed upon. However, ongoing services will not be refunded but simply canceled (see “cancellations” for further details)

-Full refunds

Full refunds for general development services are available if the job is not done according to the agreed upon standards. Full refunds may also be available if the client decides to terminate the service request prior to completion.

Note: Full refunds are not available if the work has been completed and the files have been sent.

-Partial refunds

Partial refunds are available if the client is simply unsatisfied with the finished work. In this case a refund of up to %90 of the project value will be available to the client.

Note: copies of the completed work are not available if the job is refunded